Triangle Pendants with 22K Gold Luster

Triangle Pendants with 22K Gold Luster


3/4" Triangle porcelain pendants

These porcelain pendants are handmade from a slab of clay and fired 3 times. First for a bisque to harden the clay, then a glaze is applied and fired again, and lastly gold lusters are hand-painted on and fired onto the pendant. Backs are smooth unglazed porcelain.

Your choice of matte white with 22K Yellow Gold Luster - A luscious matte glaze with sugary surface. Gold luster looked like gold leafing.

or Gloss white with White Gold Luster - A gloss clear glaze with white gold luster looks pewter to silvery at different angles and lighting.

Each comes ready to wear on a plated 17" chain.

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