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Petals Collection

Inspired by nature and pattern this hand stamped collection revolves around floral themes and mishima linework. This collection explores the idea of presenting clay (typically seen as a rigid and hardened material) as soft, pillowed, and feminine in its final state.

Deco Collection

Having worked in a number of famous NYC Art Deco buildings throughout my career as a Creative Director, such as the Chrysler Building,  30 Rock, and 40 Wall St. among others, this collection draws inspiration from architectural details and interior themes from these venerable locations.

Seasonal Collection

My love for holidays, especially those that revolve around family tradition, are of particular interest to me. I enjoy making seasonal items with a modern take that will endure and remain timeless classics and family heirlooms for years come.


My jewelry creations arose out of the need to make use of leftover slabs. I've always been a big jewelry lover, especially earrings! I love experimenting and finding new designs for my accessories.