Pottery Care Instructions



I use commercial English grolleg porcelain clay and fire to manufacturer specifications to over 2,200F degrees. This makes the ware vitrified and ideal for food, serving and drink. All of my glazes are lead free and food safe.

Dishwasher & Microwave

Most wares are dishwasher and microwave safe, with the exception of items with gold luster. Items with gold luster should not go in the microwave. Hand washing is recommended to extend the life and beauty of the glazes.

Avoid Thermal Shock

Handmade porcelain is a durable ware, but may crack under extreme temperature changes. Try to avoid placing items in freezing cold and then extremely hot conditions. Never place a cold pot directly into a hot oven, instead place in a cold oven and bring up to temp. Also avoid pouring boiling water straight into a cup or teapot. Instead, wait a minute to ensure it has cooled just slightly.

Ovens & Open Flames

Most wares are safe for ovens up to 350 degrees. Wares should never be placed over open flames or on stovetops.